4.16.15 Number Five

You’ve seen whispers of her… tiny images of an angel, here and there. Yesterday, our family changed forever.  Yesterday, we were called into a court room to meet a family. And the love my heart feels for this family has grown it, stretched it, and purposed it. I looked into the eyes of a mother […]

2.5.15 where we’ve been

I’m all, “Hmmmmm…what to say after so long???”  There are all kinds of holes in my story now…un-recorded memories and experiences.  My girls learned to snow ski in Breckenridge, Colorado for Heaven’s sake.  And all I have to show for it are a few Instagram posts…and worse…Facebook photos.  “Shudder.”  I hate it when…because of busyness […]

12.23.14 Let your hearts be light.

Merry Christmas From our Family to Yours. outtakes: Have yourself a merry little Christmas… Let your heart be light. From now on…our troubles will be out of sight. So…have yourself…a merry little Christmas now. **** Words I’m living by this Holiday season.  Sending love out there tonight.  To you…and you…and yours.

12.2.14 Making Seasons Bright

Annslee:  “I know what I’m gonna wish for for Christmas this year!!!” Me:  “What??” Annslee:  “My lucky day!!!!!!!!” Go for it, Sugar Plum. **** This year, Annslee is 5 years old.  And I’ve decided that 5 years old is my favorite age to watch celebrate Christmas.  She’s all in.  Everything is amazing to her.  She […]

11.8.14 Definitely.

Halloween was like a Norman Rockwell image this year.  I am longing for simpler times.  I can’t help myself.  And lately…I have been pleasantly surprised at how frequently I capture an image of my life in my mind and realize how neatly it fits into an old Rockwell or Kinkade painting. Case in point.  Sure…important […]

10.11.14 Contentment and Hope Can Be Friends

October is already in full swing and I haven’t even located my orange storage container with the black lid yet.  I’ve kinda scaled back.  In an o.k. way.  I’m paying more attention and answering the question, “Is that what I want to spend my time and energy on?”  I am being more selective.  I am […]

10.3.14 September Birthday Favorites

Chase is 12.  Which is crazy.  Like…really crazy.  And to keep from getting overly emotional about his last year of non-teenagerness…I’ve decided to just not dwell on numbers this year.  At all.  Which works out great for me…because on October 24th…I turn an ungodly number that I have very negative connotations with.  But that’s enough […]

9.13.14 Iowa…you make me smile.

We spent a considerable amount of time in Iowa this Summer.  I’m quite certain that it is the most consecutive days I have spent in Iowa since my time living there…which I have affectionately termed The Cold War. A.  It was cold. B.  I was at war.  Internally.  During that short phase of life…I had […]

8.28.14 Farmhouse Kitchen

Today was the fourth day of school and the kids are home and are doing well.  The first day of school and all of it’s pressure has come and gone…and I have permission (from myself) to sit back and relax into the rest of the year.  Perfectionists, like myself, will understand.  The first day of […]

8.25.14 Back

I took the Summer off.  From so many things.  I just took off. I don’t think I’ve ever done that before…not that I recall, anyway.  I’m not a runner.  I never have been.  And I don’t mean “runner” like…fitness runner.  I mean… “there-are-too-many-things-that-are-hurting-my-heart-so-I’m-getting-the-heck-out-of-dodge” running. The past year has been the hardest of my life.  And […]