12.6.17 Letting The Light In

Not long ago I overheard two of my older children talking about my blog.  When I started this blog…the kids were all little.  And my whole purpose was to have a place where I could share my everyday pictures and stories so that they could read them some day.  I had dreams of making this […]

6.13.17 Brick Removal

Summer has been some sort of come-back for me.  I’ve been gone for a while.  Like the kind of gone that happens after something rips your heart out…only you have to keep going gone.  I had the pleasure of chatting with a dear friend the other night…and she didn’t even know that what she was […]

4.24.17 Four Leaf Clovers & County Fairs

During the week of St. Patrick’s Day…I found 3 four-leaf clovers.  Like…real ones. So…obviously…I kept them.  They have been sitting on top of the chifferobe ever since.  I had every intention of pressing them in my favorite, first edition copy of To Kill A Mockingbird…but still they sit.  Today…I found one on the floor.  Crushed up into […]

4.18.17 My mind’s on my Honey.

This is my mom and Honey. Honey is my mother’s mother.  My mom calls her “Mother.”  She always has.  That’s something that I remember thinking was strange when I was little. Mother. So formal. But now…when I hear her call Honey that…it’s not strange at all. The word…when it comes off of mom’s lips is […]

4.11.17 J. Just J.

This was the first picture I took of J.  I hadn’t even seen his eyes open yet.  She passed him to me just like this…peacefully sleeping…in a diaper and a t-shirt and an infant carrier that was sized for a newborn.  And this seemed fitting to me.  He was supposed to be a newborn.  That’s […]

11.8.16 I will love it forever.

This past weekend I did something that I never do.  I left. It wasn’t too long ago that I sat on the couch one night and told Chad, “I need a plane ticket.  I’m going to Clemson.” Technically…I was going to Atlanta.  But in my mind… …same thing. My closest Clemson friend lives in Atlanta…and […]

10.26.16 I’m gonna hold you a little longer…

It has occurred to me over the last week…and maybe little by little over the last 8 years that I’d better squeeze every, last, dried up drop out of the younger years.  We spend our energy focusing on celebrating every “first” that comes along.  We record their first word…like their college acceptance depends on it.  We […]

10.5.16 Is it too late to say sorry?

I just finished getting the youngest three to bed.  Annslee was the last one to go down.  I still have a substantial amount to accomplish before this head can hit the pillow…so I made the enormous mistake of trying to hurry that tuck in along.  It went as follows: Annslee:  “MOMMY!  TUCK ME IN!!!!” Me:  […]

9.29.16 Superglue, Sisters & Fourteen

What I can tell you about superglue is that it doesn’t come off of countertops,  laminate wood floors, wooden spoons, washrags, or my hands. What I can also tell you about superglue is that it doesn’t hold Fozzy Bear’s head on.  How it can affix itself to all of the other stuff…yet be unable to […]

9.21.16 A perfect day for lemonade.

I’ve never had a problem with emotions. I also haven’t really felt myself lately. And the two of those things have danced around each other for months. For the first time in my life…I have felt positively non-emotional.  It was sorta nice, actually…for a while , anyway.  There were no tears the night before the first day […]