12.22.13 It’s Almost Here

Tonight we are going to a caroling party.  This is the first caroling party I’ve ever been to.  Wait…scratch that.  Once, the youth ministry at the Baptist church that I was a member of organized a caroling night that I had conveniently erased from my memory until just now.  I still remember what the neighborhood […]

12.13.13 The Post Office

The post office is my least favorite place to go.  At least…it was.  I’m not exactly sure why…but getting to the post office has been an on-going problem for me.  It’s even become a joke between myself and anyone I send packages to.  Like…my friend, Ami…for example.  We exchange birthday gifts every year.  And every […]

12.3.13 A Public Thank You.

My mind wanders during our advent reading each night.  Engaging has never been my struggle…until now.  I find myself thinking of all sorts of things…with short bouts of the scriptures Chad is reading interrupting my thoughts. Tonight I find myself wondering if writing will ever come easy to me again.  Or rather…the desire to write.  […]

10.1.13 Eleven years of Chase

There are times when I get a glimpse of God.  Moments…where I think I can understand his heart.  Times…when I catch a miracle, as if it were a butterfly landing for a fleeting second on my shoulder. And if truth be told…many of these moments are when I’m around at Chase. He’s special.  He’s different.  […]