Eleven years of Chase


There are times when I get a glimpse of God.  Moments…where I think I can understand his heart.  Times…when I catch a miracle, as if it were a butterfly landing for a fleeting second on my shoulder.

And if truth be told…many of these moments are when I’m around at Chase.

He’s special.  He’s different.  He is a servant.  He is compassionate beyond his age and circumstances.  He thinks of other people first.  Always.



aiden 1st day of presch & hurricane ike damage 112

aiden's 3rd birthday 174

He experiences life in a way different than anyone else I know.

colton's baseball and ukraine 08 194

misc. 048

winter '08-aug '09541

He experiences it with a thoughtfulness that most don’t understand.

FALL 2009 (sept. '09-nov. '09)-21

april-may 2010 025

Many times…when the world is confusing and harsh, he relies on his heart to guide him.

sept 2010 015

iphone SC trip here 024

beach and chase's new york trip 2011 089

Many times…he is content in his own world.  A world where creativity and dreams reside.

2nd half colorado 047


He changes people…this boy.

If they stop and listen to him…really hear him…

they will see love.

9-30-13 starting Chase's birthday 011

They will see Chase.

10-1-13 chase's family birthday 018

Happy Birthday, son.

You are magical.

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