9.11.16 Why We Said Yes

I can’t even tell you how many blog posts have been started and stopped and then restarted again in my mind over the last 9 months.  There are pictures and stories…hopes and losses…dreams and disappointments…beauty and ashes sprinkled all throughout the lives surrounding me.  And I’ve lived it all.  And written about it none.  And that’s […]

12.3.15 Fall with Sprinkles

Well…things have been good.  December is somehow here already…and October and November hold some really great memories for us as a family. **** We really didn’t share with many people that all summer long…we were wrestling with the decision of where Colton would attend high school.  We were trying to decide between the large public […]

10.28.15 A world With Octobers

A lot of Birthdays take place for us in the Fall.  And if there’s one thing I know for sure…it’s that Birthdays should be properly celebrated.  It is possible though…that my stamina for throwing elaborately themed Birthday parties is dwindling.  And that these days…I give myself permission to cut corners.  For example…I served store-bought cupcakes […]

9.2.15 football games and sex talks

Tomorrow is a new day.  His graces are new in the morning.  Hit the reset button.  The sun will come out tomorrow… Or something like that. I have stick-it notes everywhere.  It’s highly possible and probable that if I don’t write it down the minute I’m told…it’s going to get lost in the black hole […]

8.27.15 schedules & toothfairies

In the 2 hour window that I have with all 5 children in school…I waltzed into Target this morning with my world on a string.  I made it to Walmart last night after the 5th grade parent night…and by 10:30…all school supplies had been purchased except for a folder, 2 composition notebooks, and a wireless […]

8.24.15 Let your light shine.

Here it is.  I have dreaded this day since Annslee was born.  I realize that this may sound crazy to some.  But it is the truth. I can’t tell you how many times over the last 5 years that I have thought or even said out loud… “Man…the day this baby starts Kindergarten is the […]

8.19.15 Winding Down

Yesterday…I walked into Target by myself.  I grabbed one of the few carts that were left since the rest of them were, no doubt, in the school supply section of the store with frazzled moms holding crumpled school supply lists like their lives depended on it.  Kids were hanging out of carts…off of carts…and from […]

8.4.15 Today

With Basketball tournaments filling the first half of our Summer…Iowa came later than usual.  I was worried about trying to tack a big trip in at the end of the Summer…and my anxieties about having to make the long trek home and then start school a few days later are lurking behind my heart beat […]

7.16.15 I’m a Winner

It’s 3:15 in the morning.  And I’m clearly not asleep.  All I can do…is look at the bright side.  I’m sitting in the middle of my house and it’s so quiet…that I could hear a pin drop.  And that never happens.  In fact…even the sound of the keyboard click, click, clicking away seems loud. That […]

4.29.15 2014-2015 school year…out

Well…this school year came and happened.  I was just posting on that first day of school…when the sky was the limit…and there were lots of unknown hopes and dreams of what would become of the 8th, 6th, and 4th grades.  The first day of school is filled with such promise. “You have brains in your […]